Women rank rock climbing as the sexiest sport

A study by a University of Hertfordshire professor suggests that women are especially attracted to men who rock climb. WORKING WITH FITNESS expert Sam Murphy, Prof. Richard Wiseman polled over 6,000 people to find out which of 15 sports they thought would make a member of the opposite sex more attractive. Climbing topped the list […]

Dangerous Rockland Anchors

From time to time there have been problems with Rockland anchors. Recently an incident occured in Eyvoia. Rockland has announcced the following, which in our opinion further complicates things, because in our opinion the company can not control the quality of the materials that are being produced. What happened with Rockland anchors

Choosing Materials For Sport Climbing

What are the most essential climbing gear components that one should have to start rock climbing? The list that follows outlines the basic gear: quickdraws (aproximately 14)                     carabiners (2-3) belay device climbing harness – shoes climbing rope (at least 60 m long) helmet Learn How To Choose Sport Climbing Materials

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