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In his home town Livadia near Athens, where he lives up to the age of twenty, Lucas starts rock climbing at fifteen years of age. During his first climbing years, he focuses on sport climbing and participates in the Greek National Competitions, placing in the top three always. His love and passion for rock climbing encourages him go to not only climb Mounts Olympus, Parnasos and Giona -the tallest mountains in Greece- but, also the Alps’ Mont Blanc, in Europe.

At the age of 22, the Greek Cup is won by him at which time he becomes a member of the National Climbing Team and represents Greece in the World Climbing Championships.

His desire to challenge himself to greater heights and broaden his horizons, finds him climbing throughout the world in Spain, Italy, France and Thailand to mention but a few.

One of his climbing trips leads him to Kalymnos where he meets and ultimately weds his wife who is born and raised there.

kalymnos climber loukas

Lucas fulfills a lifelong calling by completing his studies at a Modena, Italy’s climbing school and is certified as an official climbing trainer and climbing instructor.

In Kalymnos, where he has been living permanently with his wife Alexandra and their two children since 2004, he starts up an indoor climbing gym and introduces the locals to the world of climbing and trains climbers to improve both their skills and performance alike.

He has successfully climbed sport routes up to 8c (5.14b) and boulder problems up to 8a+ and (V13), both of which are the most difficult climbs / boulders ever accomplished by a Greek climber.

Presently, Lucas is being sponsored by some of the top international, climbing companies including: Wild Country (U.K.), Sterling Rope(U.S.A.), Moonclimbing (U.K.) and Red Chili (DE)