Summer Training Camp

Make the best of your Holidays in Kalymnos. Climb with competition 8c climber and trainer Lucas and learn training techniques that work! You will be shown training exercises tailored to your needs which will help you see fast improvement and reach your full climbing potential

The course includes:

  • Five full climbing days.
  • Four hours of climbing outdoors (the most classical and beautiful routes on the island)
  • At least two hours of personal coaching in an indoor climbing wall.

We provide :

🗸 Transportation (if you don’t have means)
🗸 All climbing equipment at no extra charge (rope, quickdraws, helmet, harness, climbing shoes)
🗸 Access to our indoor gym

We don’t provide:

✗ Water
✗ Snacks
✗ Accommodation

Lessons for the 5 DAY COURSER will be held from 09:00 until 13:00 on the cliff and 18:00-19:00 in the gym

Instructor to climbers ratio: 1:2

* It is not obligatory to take the full course.

Cost: 400€