Intermediate Course

This program is specially made for indoor climbers who are looking for the perfect opportunity to climb outdoors. For people familiar to the fundamentals of sport climbing that may climb on top rope, but do not have the experience and confidence to lead a climb.

The focus of this seminar is to make a smooth transition from top rope climbing to lead climbing. And Kalymnos is the ideal place for this course as it is known for the safety of its routes.


This is a 5 day course

You will be taught the basic knots, choosing the right equipment, belaying someone who is leading, and catching a lead fall, having safe falls yourself, gear placement, rappelling and generally speaking you will learn the lead climbing skills you need to climb safely.

As leading a climb is much more than just climbing first, you will be taught how to choose a suitable route, recognize risks and avoid them, overcome them if necessary.

The knowledge you will gain will give you the confidence to become responsible and competent in leading new and exciting climbs not depending on others to put up a rope for you.

We provide :

🗸 Transportation (if you don’t have means)
🗸 All climbing equipment at no extra charge (rope, quickdraws, helmet, harness, climbing shoes)
🗸 All our customers are welcome to use the indoor climbing gym for free

We don’t provide:

✗ Water
✗ Snacks
✗ Accommodation

Lessons will be held from 9.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m. with a rest day included

Instructor to climber ratio: 1:2