Guiding by the hour

Combine your holiday on the island with the nikos-mitropoulos-odyssey-2 adventure of rock climbing,the fastest growing sport in Europe. Feel the adrenaline rush of your first outdoor climb. Make your holiday an unforgettable experience! Enjoy swimming in clear water, lying in the sun and climbing in one of the most popular destinations of the world Kalymnos, also called the rock climbing mecca.Where the sun shines almost all year round. Where tourism hasn't had any impact on nature. Where people are still hospitable, simple and warm. Inexpensive holiday that anyone can enjoy. From beginners to more advanced climbers our local experienced guide,one of the best and accomplished climbers in Greece will take care of your safety so you can focus on having an experience to remember.

We provide:

Transportation,all technical climbing gear (rope,quickdraws,harness,helmet,shoes)

We do not provide:

Water, snacks, accommodation


9:00 am - 1:00 pm per dayclimbing-seminar-kalymnos



25 Euros per hour


Discounts for more than a day



Dates are flexible.